Phrase & Fable

Phrase & Fable perform a mix of mellow Americana and folk classics, upbeat bluegrass standards and some of Maria’s fine original songs. Maria Wallace (vocals, clawhammer banjo, fiddle) is known for her powerful bluesy voice, as well as for her award-winning grassroots musicPhrase & Fable lo res pic promotion venture True North Music. Phil Stott (vocals, guitar, mandolin) is a talented acoustic musician who has played in many bluegrass, folk and ceilidh bands over the years, including Cowbaby and the Doghouse Irregulars.

Phil and Maria have been busy rehearsing and working up their duo material and repertoire, and over the last year Phrase & Fable have performed a handful of gigs, including Marsden Acoustic Nights, the New Inn in Thornton, and a debut festival set at Tamworth Bluegrass Festival. Sadly, the coronavirus crisis has led to the cancellation of Phrase & Fable’s planned gigs for 2020, and has even put paid to getting together in person for practice! But we continue to practise in our respective homes and Maria is taking the time to work on her songwriting. We managed to film a few duo songs back in December 2019, before the world of live music changed for the foreseeable future.

See you down the road somewhere, either at a real-life gig or online…