As well as her own singing and playing, Maria is an enthusiast who loves to spread the word about her favourite music. From a very young age, Maria loved reading and creative writing, and nursed a childhood ambition to be a writer (although rock & roll singer was also mentioned). After university, real life and a career in marketing intervened. During her time in the corporate world, Maria did as much writing as possible, honing her copywriting, editing and proofreading skills and developing an eye for good design.

Since getting involved in the roots music scene, Maria’s been putting these skills to use in the service of something she’s really passionate about. Maria writes her own promotional copy, press releases, articles and online content for True North Music as well as providing PR services for her tour booking clients. She also designs her own event posters and flyers, and designs and builds her own websites.

Dusty Rider checking out my interview in British Bluegrass News

Maria writes regular reviews and articles for Folk Radio UK (one of the UK’s most popular and respected online resources, for folk music of all kinds) and for the recently revived UK Bluegrass, a great resource for “bluegrass & beyond” music in the UK. She also writes regularly for paper publications British Bluegrass News (magazine of the British Bluegrass Music Association) and Old Time News (journal of the Friends of American Old-Time Music & Dance). Maria also writes regular articles, reviews and interviews for her own websites and social media channels, and is a great advocate for the roots music scene as a whole. Many of her reviews and articles can be found in the blog pages here.